The Quest Company presents... Monster Fight!

Monster Fight! is a new tabletop RPG focused on battling and capturing monsters, going on adventures with them and raising them to reach their maximum potential!

Quest Company Junior

Check out Postcards from Pearl on The Quest Company Junior podcast, where we play a Pocket Monster Fight campaign following the adventures of Pearl and Sealy across the Kinoko Region!

Download the Rules

Want to play Monster Fight or Pocket Monster Fight? Check out the rules here!

The Quest Company

Check out Kinoko Origins on The Quest Company podcast, where we play a Pocket Monster Fight campaign set in the ancient Kinoko Region!

Written by

Jonah M. Jackson

He/him. Jonah is an actor and Tennessee native who graduated from Lipscomb University with a BFA in Acting and Directing. He loves classical theatre and improv, and what better way could there be to combine those things than doing improvised storytelling in super cool fantasy worlds? He was introduced to D&D by other Shakespeare nerds during a production of Romeo & Juliet and has been hooked on tabletop RPGs ever since!